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Dance classes for fitness Batches starting this week. Enrol now and have fitness and fun together. Limited seats. Upcoming Mega concert. Call and contact us to enjoy or perform in this event. Passion Music and Dance Academy Since 2003 Serving for last 15 years

Special Discounts on Buying Musical Instruments. Discounts on Buying all kind of Musical Instruments. High Quality and checked musical instruments. Buy Harmonium, Keyboard, Violin, Drumset, Mouth organ, Guitars, Drumset, Cajon, Dholak and all Guitar accessories.

Short Term Dance Courses Learning Dance is fun. Short term Batches starting for fun and fitness. Limited seats and admissions open. Different Dance forms like Hip-hop, Bollywood, Freestyle, Western, Bhangra, Kathak, Salsa, Bachata and Zumba. Learn Dance from Experienced Choreographer.

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Dance Classes In Delhi Passion Music And Dance Academy Since 2003 All Dance Style Available In Passion Music And Dance Academy Like Bachata, Salsa, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, etc. Upcoming Stage Show On Jan Admission open Practice Started Online Admission Started Call on 9810678266 , 9313281716

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Guitar Classes Nearby Me Best Education Best Results 15 Years Old Academy Hobbies to Career Trinity college of London Syllabus Learn Trinity Grade 8 Teacher Available Admission Open Next Exam Call on 9810678266 , 9313281716

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Abacus classes in South Delhi Best activities Fun education your kids Last 15 years old academy No1 school in Satya Niketan Home tuition available and academy classes both options available only for you Starting age 4 years Admission open Call on 9810678266 , 9313281716

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Delhi Dance School In South Delhi Passion Music And Dance Academy Best Academy last 15 years Delhi Best Academy Since 2003 Admission open Limited seats available Online booking started Call on 9810678266 , 9313281716

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Music Group Classes In South Delhi Best Group Classes Starting Age Group 4 Years Hobbies to Career School to Stage performance Event to Band Practice & Performance Admission open for Stage Show Performance Limited Seats Available Advanced booking started Call on 9810678266 , 9313281716

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Learn Piano At Home Passion Music And Dance Academy Learn Piano Classes At Home And Academy Both Options Available Only For You Advanced Booking Available Online Booking Also Available Limited Time And Days Call on 9810678266 , 9313281716

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No 1 Choreographer Available In South Delhi Passion Music And Dance Academy since 2003 Best Results and Best Choreographers 100% Results And Good Relationship With Customers Long years . Top 15 Choreographers Advanced Booking Started Best Choreographers Call on 9810678266